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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Paint safety

Art supplies are among the commonly used products in schools that can pose chemical hazards. School staff must be careful handling the products to avoid exposing children to danger.

Paint can become contaminated with mold or bacteria and often contain an organic binder that is subject to degradation if not stored properly or used within a reasonable amount of time.

Dick Blick Art Materials offers the following tips on storing paint products:

store paint in its original container in a cool, dry place
date and rotate inventory, always using the oldest stock first
thoroughly shake the product before using
remove only enough paint for immediate use. Don’t return unused portions to the original container
never dilute the product, because the addition of water dilutes the preservative’s strength as well as the paint
do not place brushes, hands or other objects in the container
make sure the cap is sealed tightly before storing after each use

All paints are subject to eventual spoilage, but proper storage and usage will reduce potential sources of contamination, extend the life of your paint and keep children safe.