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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Speech disorders

Lisps, stuttering and other speech disorders make it difficult for students to communicate, but they can succeed in school with the proper help. Speech-language pathologists can determine the speech problem a child has and help her speak more clearly. School staff can handle student speech disorders by following these guidelines:

* learn about the student – encourage her to participate in the activities she likes.
* recognize the need for early evaluation of speech disorders – early detection and treatment is the key to helping the student learn to speak correctly.
* be supportive – build a relationship in which the child is comfortable sharing her feelings with you.
* encourage an inclusive attitude – encourage the student and the group to focus on the ways they are alike and tolerate the differences
* be sensitive to a student’s concerns about reading out loud – don’t call on the child unless she volunteers
* educate your students about speech disorders – children who are informed about speech disorders will be more tolerant of them and act responsibly.