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Monday, June 19, 2006

Food allergies

Food allergies can cause severe ailments, including rashes, sneezing, stomach aches and breathing problems. They can be caused by pizza, cheese, ice cream, peanuts and bread – typical foods served at schools.

Teachers and other school staff can help prevent allergic students from experiencing these reactions by practicing the following steps, according to Ellen Weiner, author of Taking Food Allergies to School:* Keep lists of every child’s allergic foods in the classroom and nurse’s office
* Beware of hidden ingredients in foods, for instance a child allergic to sugar cannot have items with corn syrup, fructose or honey
* Arrange for alternate snacks for children when dangerous foods are served
* Allow unrestricted bathroom breaks, in case diarrhea or stomach cramps result
* Educate students about food allergy problems so they look out for their allergic peers