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Monday, January 09, 2006

Safe food service for schools

Knowledgeable and adequately trained foodservice staff can help prevent foodborne illness outbreaks from originating in school cafeterias.
By following established guidelines on food purchasing, storage, preparation, handling, and service, foodservice staff can greatly reduce the risk of students becoming seriously, or even fatally, ill with a foodborne illness.
Schools should follow these guidelines for a safe food service operation:

· Have at least one manager certified in food safety and sanitation in your school cafeteria.
· Train all foodservice staff in basic food safety practices.
· Keep hot foods hot (1350 F or above) and cold foods cold (410 F or below).
· Make sure employees wash hands at appropriate times.
· Ensure foodservice equipment is working properly, repair and replace when needed.
· Establish appropriate procedures and documentation for the control and safe handling of food.