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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Winter driving for driver’s ed

Do your driver’s ed classes train students to drive in winter weather? You can minimize their risks by training them how to drive and care for their car during the winter.

When visibility is hindered by snow or ice, drivers should slow down and turn on their low-beam headlights. Never use bright lights, because they increase the glare and make visilibity worse.

Crack the window slightly and use the defroster to clear the inside of the windshield.

On slippery roads, the braking time can be ten times longer, so stop early, let off the accelerator slowly and apply the brakes gently.

Stay behind traffic to avoid collisions.

Winter car care is also important. Drivers should make sure their batteries are rated for winter conditions, they have the right tires for winter driving and their wipers work properly to handle winter storms.