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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Food Service safety

Food service staff plays an important role in keeping students safe, because they have control over the food they eat. Cafeteria employees must be trained to keep food safe and free from contamination. Schools should take the following measures with cafeteria employees:* Train all foodservice staff in basic food safety practices, including cooking foods to proper temperatures.

* Instruct foodservice staff to ensure that all food stored, prepared, served and consumed is as safe as possible.
* Instruct all foodservice staff to wash their hands at appropriate times.
* Make sure all foodservice personnel have the personnel protective equipment they need, including gloves and hair coverings.
* Insure proper sanitation for the entire facility, including surfaces, utensils, equipment and floors.
* Make sure all foodservice equipment is working properly and if necessary repaired, replaced or taken out of service